Better rules for a better environment:Modern Beverage Container Policy

03 December 2009

"Mandatory deposits are a hindrance to environmental and financial efficiency. They belong in the dustbin of history."

This paper covers the following issues:

  • Origin of mandatory deposits
  • Mandatory deposits have failed to protect refillable bottles
  • On other measures too, deposit-bearing containers fail to deliver environmental benefits
  • Mandatory deposits increase pollution
  • Mandatory deposts and litter--no relation
  • Mandatory deposits are expensive and inefficient
  • Mandatory deposits are unfair and confusing
  • Mandatory deposits are incompatible with the European Single Market
  • Mandatory deposits: an idea whose time has gone.
  • Better rules for a better environment: Modern Beverage Container Policy

  • 03 December 2009
  • 4-page paper outlining EUROPEN s views on why mandatory deposits for non-refillable beverage containers are outdated and counterproductive.