Understanding the CEN Standards on Packaging and the Environment: Some Questions and Answers

01 February 2006

Sixteen questions and answers on the CEN Harmonised Standards on packaging and the environment. Includes a summary of the legal requirements and the Standards and where to buy them.

  1. What is the legal status of the standards?
  2. What was the legal status of the standards before the references were published?
  3. The enforcement authorities do not appear to have been checking up on compliance with the Essential Requirements up to now, so what has really changed?
  4. So are the standards unenforceable?
  5. Is it only British, Czech and French companies that are using the standards?
  6. When should my company start using the standards?
  7. How practicable is it to produce a justification for types of packaging which have been on the market for years?
  8. Using the standards looks as if it may be arduous.  Is there another way of demonstrating conformity with the Essential Requirements?
  9. Where can I find help on using the standards?
  10. What practical benefits do the standards bring?
  11. Which of the standards should I use?
  12. Will this automatically lead to all packaging except that which is best for the environment being forced off the market?
  13. If the producer needs freedom to make his own decisions in the light of the particular functional demands placed upon his packaging, how can the enforcement authorities be assured that packaging has been reduced to a minimum as laid down in the Essential Requirements?
  14. What are the penalties for failure to comply with the standards?
  15. What do the standards contribute towards a reduction in the use of heavy metals and other noxious and hazardous substances which may cause problems in disposal or recycling?
  16. These standards seem to demand that legislators place a great deal of trust in industry.

Also available in French and Dutch.  See below.

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