EU Waste Framework Directive

The Waste Framework Directive establishes rules on how waste should be managed in the EU. It provides general principles for doing so, such as the Waste Hierarchy, Polluter Pays Principle and Extended Producer Responsibility. The Directive aims to reduce the environmental impact of waste and to encourage resource efficiency through reuse, recycling and recovery.

The Directive sets out ambitious targets. There must be separate collection of paper, metal, plastic and glass for household waste by 2015. In addition, at least 50% by weight of household waste, such as paper, metal, plastic and glass, is to be recycled or prepared for reuse by 2020. EUROPEN supports full implementation and enforcement of the Waste Framework Directive in all Member States.

This will support further roll-out of separate collection of post-consumer packaging which will help drive packaging recycling and recovery rates in the Member States.

EUROPEN is actively engaging in EU waste legislation developments to explain the vital functions of packaging and its contribution to a sustainable, resource efficient society. The packaging supply chain has a longstanding experience and proven track record in good packaging waste management. We are working with policymakers to further build on these achievements and to ensure that waste legislation acknowledges the fundamental role that packaging plays in reducing waste by protecting and preserving the product, as well as providing consumers with vital information, such as how to correctly use the product or sort its used packaging. The packaging supply chain members of EUROPEN will further play their role in moving towards a resource efficient society.

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